One Week

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Gravity Equal Force

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Tribute 1

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Lady Beat

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System 78

The ”System 78” collection was born out of the Armin Strom manufacture’s desire to offer haute horlogerie in its purest form, by revisiting some of watchmaking’s core functionalities in innovative and novel ways.

Conceived with a contemporary and unparalleled design language while offering immeasurable value to those who seek fine watchmaking with a twist, the collection embodies the horological sensibilities of Claude Greisler and Serge Michel, co-founders of the revitalized Manufacture Armin Strom, who were both born in 1978.

Pure Resonance

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Mirrored Force Resonance

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Resonance Zeitgeist

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For centuries, watchmakers have sought to harness the potential of the physical phenomenon of resonance in pursuit of the ultimate chronometric precision and stability. Yet in over 400 years, only a handful of watches have attempted to incorporate resonance into the movement in some form or another, but none came close to providing a viable solution for wristwatches with a measurable improvement in chronometry – until now. Armin Strom’s answer is the patented Resonance Clutch Spring that directly links two oscillators for a fast and stable resonant state, exceptionally well-suited for a wristwatch movement constantly in motion.

Minute Repeater Resonance

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Dual Time Resonance

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A platform for exceptional and perhaps experimental expressions of haute horlogerie, Armin Strom’s Masterpieces demonstrate the independent and ambitious manufacture’s unique vision and ceaseless pursuit of innovation in both design and performance. Bold, original and immaculately finished, the Masterpieces encapsulate the manufacture’s co-founder and Master Watchmaker Claude Greisler’s creativity as well as the integrated manufacture’s capabilities and willingness to elevate the art of watchmaking and explore uncharted territories of form and function.

Our watches provide more than just the time.

Certified Pre-Owned

Looking for an exclusive Armin Strom timepiece that is immediately available? A special piece at the right price, maybe from a sold-out series? Now it can be yours with the peace of mind that it has been cared for by Armin Strom. Every pre-owned watch comes with a story – as for what comes next, that’s over to you.

Here you can find our Pre-Owned collection.

CPO Watches

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